Gal*Gun: Double Peace, a game to play before you die!

Gal*Gun: Double Peace (ぎゃる☆がん だぶるぴーす) is a rail shooter video game set in Sakurazaki Third High School. You will play as the luckiest guy in the girl's school. All you have to do is just shoot your pheromone magic-bullets to female students in order to make them feel pleasant! then collect the erotic-magic power and break the demon curse.
*Trick: Those school girls will be very happy if you shoot them at Oppai and Pantsu.

In the promotional video at 2:10-2:40, like the previous series, there's a mode called "Doki Doki Carnival". This mode, you need to fondle girls' body to give them orgasm feels! It's so dame good!!! I really like those sounds.

The PlayStation 4/PS Vita game powered by Unreal Engine and developed by Inti Creates (formed by former Capcom staff) and Alchemist.

Gal*Gun: Double Peace will be released in Japan on August 8, 2015. You should play this game if you are Otaku, or like watching Ecchi-Harem anime, or enjoy reading H-Manga.

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