[HD] Cute dance by Japanese girls: Imarine-Project, BORI Garden

[HD] Cute dance by Imarine-Project 2015/04/24

These lovely dancing was very professional. Pink outfits make them look more cute. Red ribbons slashed with the background very well. Although they have small breasts, they still did a good job. I really like the female dancer on the left. She looks pretty good. I thought I saw her in video works very often, but i do not remember her name. She is my type! Cute and Beautiful!!

Imarine is a humanoid persona like Hatsune Miku, popular Vocaloid character. This is her newest song in 2015. She had just launched a year ago. So, she was a new little girl of the industry. I hope she will have many fans, and has been popular around the world like Vocaloid.

Song: Marine Dreamin'
Website: http://www.imarine-project.jp
アイマリンプロジェクト 「Marine Dreamin'」踊ってみた(Full)

[HD] Cute dance by BORI Garden 2015/04/19

I can feel the loveliness!! This dancing video is for Love Live! anime-idol lovers. Those idol girls look so cute, very close as though they came out of the anime. Their legs are pretty slim, and i can see their white butt cheeks in some scenes!

Love Live! School Idol Project is the hottest school-idol TV anime series in Japan 2013-2014. Almost every Japanese teenager always stick their favorite idol-character badges on their clothes. Two characters that I like the most are Honoka Kousaka (高坂 穂乃果) and Eri Ayase (絢瀬 絵里).

Song: Wonderful Rush
【BORIガーデン】Wonderful Rush☆踊ってみた【ラブライブ】

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