Square Enix reveals The Ultimate Real-Time Technology for Final Fantasy XV

Hey You! Shut up and Take my money!!!

It just a superb video showcases the game details, lighting, and textures by Square Enix at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2015. Let's see it!

Wow! It looks very realistic!!! You can see each hair shaft are moving separately while the female character is crying. The lovely woman named Agni's Philosophy. She was designed and created by Luminous Studio engine, first appeared at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in 2012.

That is a reason why you should burn or thrown your old computer away, then buy a newer super computer or game console that can install Windows 10 or DirectX 12. The time has come! A new era of computer graphics and video games. Now Final Fantasy XV is one of my wishlist RPG game.

I highly recommend, Square Enix should consider creating Hentai video game with a system that support virtual reality headset for 3D gaming.

Thanks gematsu.com for the news

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