Gigantic Girls invade popular places in Tokyo!

This is really great idea for a small island nation, where people live together intensively.
Gigantic School Girls
Japanese often use space wisely benefit because of their limitations, and that is a small concept which caused the amazing campaign "Tokyo Gigantic Girls", directed by Hiroaki Matsu.
Gigantic School Girls
Gigantic School Girls
Gigantic School Girls
In the videos, there are popular various locations, tourist destination in Tokyo. The location will be scaled to make it smaller and then Japanese girls will travel around Tokyo city through different places.

Gigantic Maid Girls
Gigantic maid girl was serving in Akihabara

Gigantic Office Girls
Gigantic office girl was drinking beer in Asakusa

Gigantic Ballet Girls
Gigantic ballet girl was performing in Nishi-Shinjuku

Gigantic Girls
Gigantic girl was jogging on the road in Jingumae intersection

This is a nice campaign that can express Japanese creativity in a unique style, to promote various tourist attractions in Tokyo, Japan.

It is also a paving the way to promote attractions before Olympics 2020, sporting event of mankind where will be held in Tokyo as the main place.

Overall, you can see that Tokyo is a city with very diverse. The city of new generation where culture and technology were merged seamlessly.

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