Ordinary Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards to the ultimate 3D work!

3D Yu-Gi-Oh! Card
I know you've ever known or ever to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. Some people were born with them. Some people may be born for them! Yu-Gi-Oh! game card is one of the most beautiful paintings. They are extremely rare and very expensive if they are very beautiful.

Recently, 錦希ほーぷ @db_hopeslash He had created his excellent works Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. He has transformed them into three-dimensional model. You may feel a little sad because he have to cut a beautiful card into several pieces.

It was not a destruction. It is changing in a good way. It would be great if your favorite cards can be displayed in the living room and striking than anything else.

It's not easy to do it like him. Therefore you should practice with a cheap game card to save your money.

He also made 3D Gigant Sword Dragon card from Future Card Buddyfight card game.

It would be nice if you can sell them at high prices.

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