Charamin - Let's dance with anime girl on your smartphone

Charamin OMP
Charamin OMP (キャラミんOMP) is a smartphone application for Anime lovers and Otaku. The application will allow you to listen to your favorite music along with 3D anime girls on the smartphone screen. There is a new character in the latest version. She is Ren-chan, Renge Miyauchi (宮内 れんげ) from Non Non Biyori (のんのんびより) TV anime series. The previous version is squid girl Ika Musume (イカ娘).

Charamin app works by playing music file on your smartphone, the anime girl will dance while you are listening to the music. There are two stages based on the anime places including Asahigaoka school and bus stop.

The app is priced at 680 yen for Android, and 720 yen for iOS.
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