Finally! May'n best album "Powers of Voice" already released

May'n Powers of Voice
The best news for May'n fans in this year! Flying Dog, a popular anime label has revealed May'n's first best album "Powers of Voice" tracklist video on Youtube. This is the greatest hits album release of May'n celebrating her 10th career anniversary.

The two-disc Blu-ray album was just released in stores on August 26, 2015. You can't miss this masterpiece album!

May'n Powers of Voice Blu-ray
Mei Nakabayashi (中林 芽依) or May'n (メイン) -her stage name, I think she's really amazing. Her voice is very powerful. You might fall in love with her if you have ever watched Macross Frontier (マクロスF) TV anime series. Her Anisong singing was really excellent.

"Nyan Nyan Special Service Medley" is my top favorite anime theme song.

"Diamond Crevasse" is the second.

May'n "Powers of Voice" Tracklist
Disc 1:
1. "Iteza☆gogo Kuji Don't be Late"
2. "Diamond Crevasse"
3. "Northern Cross"
4. "May'n☆Space"
5. "Kimishinitamou Kotonakare"
6. "Ready Go!"
7. "Pink Monsoon"
8. "Universal Bunny"
9. "Grand Piano"
10. "My Teens, My Tears"
11. "Ai was Furu Hoshi no Gotoku"
12. "Shinjitemiru"
13. "Deep Breathing"

Disc 2:
1. "Scarlet Ballet"
2. "Brain Diver"
3. "Moshimo Kimi ga Negaunonara"
4. "Chase The World"
5. "Aozora"
6. "Mr. Super Future Star"
7. "Heat of The Moment"
8. "Run Real Run"
9. "VIVID"
10. "Kyou ni Koiiro"
11. "Lose My Illusions"
13. "Crazy Crazy Crazy"
14. "Sympathy"
15. "Fall' in or Not"

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