Princess Maker is coming to iOS & Android

Princess Maker iOS Android
Princess Maker (プリンセスメーカー) is one of my favorite legendary game series. Mgame, a top online game publisher has announced that they are developing Princess Maker for Android and iOS. The official website was already released along with the noticeable preview video showing 3D gameplay. The previous versions are entirely 2D, so this time is like the rebirth of this game series.

In the story, You have to play the role of stepfather to adopt an orphan girl, raise and teach her, make her grow as a classy princess within eight years. There are ending kinds more than 100 scenes, and lot of lovely outfits for dressing. You can also decorate your step daughter's room, and tour dungeons for her physical training.

I think Princess Maker series is the original life-simulation video game. The original game came out in 1991, created by Gainax (株式会社ガイナックス) a Japanese anime studio led by Akai Takami the creator of Princess Maker. It was made into an anime and manga in 2002 named Petite Princess Yucie/Puchi Puri Yuushi.

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