Charlotte Dunois figure [DreamTech Lingerie Style] from Infinite Stratos 2

Infinite Stratos' Harem is not over tonight! Charlotte Dunois (シャルロット デュノア) a first year IS pilot student from France. She is very shy and gentle. The best princess who is right for you. The cutest girl who will bless you every night. This time she comes with sexy lingerie. Charles needs your attention! Or this is her elite skill?
Charlotte Dunois figure Lingerie Style
I feel she looks so hot and pretty. Her body is really nice! Her Oppai are also beautiful and natural!!
There are only two colors: White and Yellow. The pale yellow is a special edition for sale on Animaru web-store (

Charlotte Dunois figure Lingerie Style
Charlotte Dunois - DreamTech Lingerie Style is priced at 9,800 Yen, Height 21cm (1/8 scale), and will be released in February 2016.

Charlotte Dunois figure Lingerie Style
Look at her Oppai! Really huge and smooth~

Charlotte Dunois figure Lingerie Style
And her backside! Unfortunately, it is not a transparent lingerie.

You can pre-order Charlotte Dunois 1/8 figure [DreamTech Lingerie Style] at...

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