Onigiri anime version is coming up!

Onigiri video game
CyberStep game developer from Japan has announced that Onigiri an action fantasy MMORPG video game were made into anime. The anime will premiere the first time in Tokyo MX and BS Fuji channels in April 2016.
Onigiri anime
CyberStep also said that Onigiri will put players into a mysterious land of Japan, which is filled with creatures from Japanese mythology. Players must fight against the evil influences of Kamikui that spread all over the region. There're 8 NPC will help you fight. Each character will have different abilities. Overall, you must work together to fight and deal with the evil.

Onigiri fantasy game was first released on PC (Microsoft Windows) in December 2013 (after alpha and beta) followed by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version in 2014. This game has been very popular in Japan. You should look forward to watching the anime if you like playing MMORPG.

More information...
Onigiri official site: http://onigiri.cyberstep.com/
Onigiri wiki site: http://onigiri.wikia.com/wiki/Onigiri_Wiki

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