Red Bunny Girl - Houki Shinonono Figure by FREEing

Houki Shinonono (篠ノ之 箒) is a cute girl in IS: Infinite Stratos (インフィニット・ストラトス) harem-mecha anime series. If you like anime girl with a long Ponytail, she should be one of your list.
Houki Shinonono Bunny Figure
This time, Houki comes with Bunny costume. The costume has six pieces: a white headband with white rabbit ears, a white shirt collar with a red bowtie, a red leotard with a white cotton tail, a pair of black tights, a pair of red high heels, and a pair of white shirtcuffs.

Houki Shinonono Bunny Figure Frontside
Houki Frontside - Huge Oppai!

Houki Shinonono Bunny Figure Backside
Houki Backside - Sexy Butt!!!

Houki Shinonono bunny figure manufactured by FREEing company. Priced at 21,111 Yen and scheduled for release in September 2016.
Bunny Girl Figure Full Set
Infinite Stratos - Bunny Girls Figure Full Set!


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