MUSIC×STUDY PROJECT - study history and science by listening to Vocaloid music

Japanese textbook publisher Gakken Plus (学研プラス) has a great idea to keep students turned their attention to study history and science. It's called MUSIC×STUDY PROJECT, the future of textbook that will change the way of learning.
It's a compilation of contents, and convert them into Vocaloid music by telling the contents through the songs. The lyrics have been profoundly rewritten by famous Vocaloid producers: Rerulili, 40mP, Travolta-P, Kanimiso-P and Toa.

The textbooks will be released in two volumes. The pink textbook (ボカロで覚える 中学歴史) is history, the blue/ green textbook (ボカロで覚える 中学理科) is science.
Each book contains 10 tracks of Vocaloid music, distributed by its lessons, including various explanations in the lyrics.

Learners can download MUSIC×STUDY PROJECT's music into their smartphones, PC or tablets by scanning the square code in each lesson.
MUSIC×STUDY PROJECT textbook was released on April 22, 2016. It is gaining in popularity.

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Science book:

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