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Overwatch game
OverWatch (オーバーウォッチ) is a FPS game that I highly recommend if you like shooting games, focused on the fight as a team. The game developed by Blizzard company. Unfortunately, there is no the story-single mode in the game, however, the company has released the game story through various media such as animation trailers on Youtube.

And they came out quite well. There are customizable contents and languages to reach more people in each region. Square Enix is the OverWatch publisher in Japan. The game comes with Japanese voices. You may like OverWatch with Japanese language if you like watching anime.

GENJI voiced by Kawahara Yoshihisa
HANZO voiced by Sakaguchi Shuhei

SOLDIER 76 voiced by Okawa Touru

TRACER voiced by Kato Emiri
WIDOWMAKER voiced by Itou Shizuka

WINSTON voiced by Imaruoka Atsushi
REAPER voiced by Takeuchi Ryota

Other characters:

PHARAH voiced by Park Romi
McCREE voiced byKosugi Juurouta
JUNKRAT voiced by Hiroki Goto
TORBJÖRN voiced by Binbin Takaoka
MEI voiced by Lynn
D.VA voiced by Taneda Risa
ZARYA voiced by Saiga Mitsuki
REINHARDT voiced by Nomura Kenji
ROADHOG voiced by Kusumi Naomi
SYMMETRA voiced by Nabatame Hitomi
ZENYATTA voiced by Nishio Mammoth
MERCY voiced by Ohara Sayaka
LÚCIO voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki

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