Resident Evil Vendetta movie to be released in spring 2017

Resident Evil: Vendetta
In addition to Resident Evil 7 (Biohazard 7) news in Tokyo Game Show 2016, there was an update of Resident Evil: Vendetta (Biohazard: Vendetta - バイオハザード ヴェンデッタ) 3DCG movie which will take a completely new story. It is scheduled to release in Japan during the spring 2017.

Resident Evil: Vendetta is under Marza Animation Planet studio. The movie director is Takanori Tsujimoto (辻本貴則), in charge of Kobayashi Hiroyuki (小林 裕幸) the Resident Evil 4 and Sengoku Basara creator from CAPCOM game company. The producer and scriptwriter is Fukami Makoto (深海 マコト) along with Shimizu Takashi (清水 崇) the executive producer.

As you have noticed! There are two main characters in the promo video: Leon Scott Kennedy and Chris Redfield. There is also Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil: Vendetta movie.

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