Ittaku Kanojo Kato Megumi app that give you wake up with anime girl

Ittaku Kanojo Kato Megumi
Sony Communications has launched a mobile anime girl application called "Ittaku Kanojo Kato Megumi (一択彼女 加藤恵)" for Android platform. The app is scheduled for release this fall. Its concept is an alarm clock that is integrated with anime characters and technologies used to interact with the user, such as voice synthesis.

The main function is Megumi (voiced by Yasuno Kiyono) an anime girl who will wake you up as scheduled. Megumi can also tell the weather reports and manage the schedules of users. Moreover, Toshiba company has synthesized Yasuno voice more than 600 words for Ittaku Kanojo Kato Megumi app development. So, She will speak to you as a real person.

Ittaku Kanojo Kato Megumi is in charge of Maruto Fumiaki (丸戸史明) an anime author. Megumi images created by Misaki Kurehito (深崎暮人) a light novel illustrator.

The beta version will be released on November 11th for usability testing. The pre-registration is now open in the app official site:

Previous application "Alarm Manager (めざましマネージャー)" the girl character is Asuna from Sword Art Online

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