Fall 2016 Anime You Should Watch

Fall 2016 Anime
This is my personal "Fall 2016 Anime" recommendation. The best list of Fall 2016 Anime for all you anime lovers. ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ I noticed there were so many anime sequels in this season. So, I will choose anime based on their plots: interesting, exciting and exotic, and the important point is anime girl. (。♥‿♥。) They must be beautiful and lovely to match the season of excitement and placidity. (°◡°♡).:。

1. Brave Witches
Brave Witches
Japanese: ブレイブウィッチーズ
Genres: Ecchi, Magic, Military, Sci-Fi
Studio: Silver Link
Official Site: http://w-witch.jp/

Brave Witches is an anime similar to Strike Witches. The story takes place at another location with new lovely characters. The great thing that remained the same was their Pantsu! Those girls did not want to wear both pant and skirt.

2. Gantz:O
Japanese: GANTZ:O
Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
Studio: Digital Frontier
Official Site: http://gantzo.jp/

The CG from its renowned manga series. This time it was made into an animation, and comes with excellent graphics. O stands for Osaka, yeah.. the story takes place in Osaka. This Osaka team must fight against aliens in the form of of ghosts and demons.

3. Gi(a)rlish Number
Gi(a)rlish Number
Japanese: ガーリッシュ ナンバー
Genres: Slice of Life
Studio: Diomedéa
Official Site: http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/gn/

The anime is about Seiyuu (anime voice actor) life. You will know that it's not easy to become a Seiyuu. I highly recommend Gi (a) rlish Number if you want to dive into anime industry life. I think the Slice of Life genre like this show is very rare.

4. Hibike! Euphonium 2
Hibike! Euphonium 2
Japanese: 響け!ユーフォニアム 2
Genres: Drama, Music, School
Studio: KyoAni
Official Site: http://anime-eupho.com/

The 2nd season is still on the music and drama. What you will see in this season is a new challenge. They have to choose between a relationship or victory. There's also comes with Yuri affection. Do not Worry, It's a anime from KyoAni studio.

5. Keijo!!!!!!!!
Japanese: 競女!!!!!!!!
Genres: Ecchi, Shounen, Sports
Studio: Xebec
Official Site: http://keijollllllll.com/

Are you Ecchi and Hentai? Watch this anime if you want to see girls in swimsuits. They fight each other with Oppai and bottoms. The fight is definitely not normal. Those girls move in a way that was not possible. It is very exciting.... if you like... Oppai!

6. Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Japanese: 聲の形
Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Shounen
Studio: KyoAni
Official Site: http://koenokatachi-movie.com/

Koe no Katachi is the newest anime film from KyoAni studio that will make you cry a lot. The story is about love and drama. The type of love is very sentimental. Its sound effect and background are also very beautiful. I highly recommend Koe no Katachi anime if you like tears.

7. Occultic;Nine
Japanese: オカルティック・ナイン-
Genres: Mystery, Sci-Fi
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Official Site: http://occultic-nine.com/

The anime is for people who believed that mysterious and supernatural actually exist! It is the story of nine persons who like mysteries. They prefer to find strange events. They are definitely not normal and very different. And there is a girl has big Oppai. That's really unusual!

8. Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!+!
Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!+!
Japanese: おくさまが生徒会長!+!
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School
Studio: Seven
Official Site: http://www.dreamcreation.co.jp/okusama/

Ecchi anime for virgin guys. The story continues to focus on the lucky couple. They try to live together. Luckily, there're new school girls thwarted the affection. It's not a story between two people anymore. Now it has become a Harem. Ton of fan services are there!

9. Show By Rock!!#
Show By Rock!!#
Japanese: Show By Rock!!#
Genres: Comedy, Music
Studio: Bones
Official Site: http://showbyrock-anime.com/

The 2nd season of the cutest idol-music anime in 2016. This time, the girls must fight against the darkness to protect the Midi city. The cuteness is everywhere, even in evil. It's time to choose your side again! Cute idols or The sexy queen.

10. Shuumatsu no Izetta
Shuumatsu no Izetta
Japanese: 終末のイゼッタ
Genres: Action, Historical, Military
Studio: Ajia-dou
Official Site: http://izetta.jp/

The story takes place in 1940 during World War II (imaginary). Izetta, the last witch was woke up by chance. Izetta is not a rookie. She used a anti-tank rifle as her broom and staff. The plot is somewhat unconventional. Yeah, it's fantastic and interesting.

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